The Most Expensive Outfits Ever Worn By The British Royal Family

It seems pretty clear that if you're royalty, living an expensive life just comes with the territory. Though they try to seem a bit more down-to-earth these days, the British royal family continues to flex its net worth in their own subtle way: namely, through fashion. These jaw-dropping price tags may be hard to believe, but for the Windsors, it's the extravagant suit or dress that makes the royal. These 20 items are among their most expensive fashion statements.

20. Polka Dot Love ($2,300)

It seems photographers picked up on Kate Middleton's love for polka dots. Though the classy dress may look simple, the price tag is far from that. Priced at $2,300, the dress by Alessandra Rich was worn for a photoshoot celebrating the birth of Kate's son, Prince George.

19. Lavish Pub Scene ($2,480)

On her trip to Ireland with Prince William, Kate lit up the night with a shimmering metallic blue Missoni midi dress, which cost a whopping $2,480. The Royal couple took the time to try their hand at pouring beer for everyone, even while dressed so stylishly. All we're left to say is, it's always good to try new things Kate, but please don't stain the dress.

18. Sweet & Sour Reveal ($3,490)

For the announcement of her second pregnancy, Meghan Markle chose to zest up her style with a lemon-print Oscar de la Renta dress. Looking at the dress itself, you might think it is a little plain, but that didn't stop retailers from selling the dress for $3,490.

17. Celebrate In Style ($4,000)

Kate Middleton visited the Emerald Isle in style, celebrating the Irish holiday of St. Patrick's Day in a dark green Alexander McQueen coat. Hopefully, the coat brought her luck, because with a price tag of $4,000, there has to be more than just fabric stitched in there. Middleton finished the look with a $676 floral fascinator from Lock & Co., plus a shamrock brooch from the royal family's private collection.