Vintage Photos From The 1970s That Shine The Era In A Whole New Light

We all seem to long for simpler times, though no era seems to drum up that sense of "this is the way things should be" than the 1970s. Bread cost a quarter, bell-bottoms were in style, and disco blared from every speaker. Who wouldn't want to go back to moments like these?

1. Fancy plane attire

Remember when people used to dress up on planes? Better yet, remember when planes actually had room to breathe? Sure, you may have had to put up with a few clouds drifting over from the smoking section, but that's a small price to pay for a little extra legroom.

2. Saturday night fever

The '70s was the decade of disco, and you couldn't turn a corner in most cities without spotting at least one or two discotheques packed with people. With the signature move of the '70s being a simple finger point, it's no wonder those dancefloors were so packed! Even the dads could master that move!

3. Giant tech

Believe it or not, but this is what a computer looked like in the '70s. Even with the technology being so new to the average consumer, these digital dinosaurs still probably weren't as complicated as the Macs of today. Though at least you don't have to do all that dial-up faff anymore. That screeching fuzzy noise still haunts us now!

4. Vintage fast food

Before they became the sleek and sterile eyesores they are today, most fast-food joints actually had some character back in the day. All the colors in this photo certainly make the establishment more inviting. As one Reddit humorously commented, "50 shades of orange, that's how you know it's the 70s." They’re not wrong!